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The majority of our customers want to plan their own trips by telling us exactly what they want. We're the experts on China, so we take your needs and wants and do our best to make them work exactly as requested. We'll give our best advice, and then give you our quote backed by our Value & Money BackService Guarantee.

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Where to Visit?
  •  Beijing
    The home of Tian’anmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven.
  •  Bifengxia Panda Base
    It is one of China’s major panda breeding and research centres with the impressive natural surroundings.
  •  Chengdu
    A leisurely city, famous for Sichuan Food and its Panda Breeding and Research Centre.
  •  Chongqing
    A mountainous city built along the Yangtze, famous for hot pot and Yangtze Cruises.
  •  Dali Ancient Town
    Located beside a large lake and high mountains, the old town is paved with cobbles, and is a wonderful place for a holiday.
  •  Danba
    Famous for its ancient Tibetan watch towers and plateau views.
  •  Dongchuan Red Soil
    The whole land looks like a large palette, full of colours. A great location to take photographs.
  •  Guangzhou(Canton)
    The third largest city in China, and a major worldwide manufacturing and trading centre.
  •  Hailuogou
    Featuring ancient glaciers, snow tipped mountains and hot springs.
  •  Hangzhou
    A leisurely city, famous for West Lake and Dragon Well Tea.
  •  Hong Kong
    Asia’s world city.
  •  Hongyuan Meadow
    One of the major meadows in Tibetan area.
  •  Huanglong National Park
    A UNESCO World Heritage site, one of the most amazing landscape on the surface of the Earth.
  •  Jianshui
    Excellent ancient architecture, and once the most important education centre of Southern Yunnan.
  •  Jiuzhai Valley National Park
    Number one scenic spot in China, a natural wonderland that defies description.
  •  Kunming
    Famous for its mild climate and accessibility to nearby tourist destinations.
  •  Labrang Tibetan Monastery
    One of the six major monasteries of the Dge-Lugs School of Tibetan Buddhism
  •  Leshan Giant Buddha
    The largest ancient Buddha in the world.
  •  Lhasa
    Capital of Tibet,a mythical land attracting many tourists because of its special plateau scenery and unique religious culture.
  •  Lijiang Ancient Town
    A UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its small river, pictograph words and matriarchy tribes.
  •  Longji Terrace
    Where amazing rice terraces built on mountain slopes are the home to ethnic minority groups.
  •  Longmen Grottoes
    One of the most famous treasure houses of stone inscriptions in China
  •  Luoping Canola Field
    A whole land full of yellow flowers in Spring, an ideal location for photographs.
  •  Mount Emei
    A sacred Buddhist mountain well known for its natural beauty and lovely monkeys
  •  Pingyao Ancient Town
    A UNESCO World Heritage site featuring beautiful architecture, where took the film ‘Raise the Red Lantern’.
  •  Sertar Buddhism Institute
    The largest Tibetan Buddhism Institute in the world.
  •  Shanghai
    The largest city in China, famous for the bund, Yuyuan Garden and the French Concession.
  •  Shangri-La
    A town in Khampa Tibet, famous for the Sumtseling Monastery and its plateau views.
  •  Shaolin Temple
    Famous for its Kung fu monks.
  •  Shaxi Ancient Town
    The only surviving (former) trade post from the ancient tea and horse caravan road.
  •  Suzhou
    A city best known for its traditionally beautiful canals, scenic gardens, silk and music.
  •  Tiger Leaping Gorge
    Located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, one of the most popular trekking route in the world.
  •  Xi’an
    China’s oldest capital containing historical sites such as the Terra Cotta Warriors, City Wall, Big Wild Goose Pagoda.
  •  Xishuangbanna Rainforest
    A place famous for its rainforest, Pu’er tea plantation, rubber tree and wild elephants.
  •  Xitang Water Town
    A traditional town known for its canals.
  •  Yangshuo(Guilin)
    The travellers’ paradise, famous for its Karst hills and beautiful rivers.
  •  Yangtze River
    The third longest river in the world, famous for Three Gorges cruise.
  •  Yellow Mountain
    The most beautiful mountain in China, famous for bonsai-like rocks, pine trees, a sea of clouds and hot springs. It is ideal place for photographers.
  •  Yuanyang Terrace
    An amazing rice terrace built on mountain slopes with ethnic minorities live in. A wonderful location to take scenic photographs.
  •  Zhouzhuang Water Town
    A traditional town known for its canals. A photographer’s dream.
  •  Zigong Dinosaur Museum
    The largest dinosaur museum in China.
  •  Zoige Meadow
    One of the major meadows in Tibetan area.
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