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This kind of service is currently mainly available in Beijing, Chengdu, Chongqing and Xi'an. It is highly flexible and perfectly suited for a city tour, a short travel in nearby areas or for an efficient and relaxed business trip.All of our driver-guides speak fluent English and have extensive local knowledge.


Where to Visit?
  •  Dazu Stone Carvings
    A UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its numerous religious inscriptions from different eras
  •  Luodai Ancient Town
    This eastern suburb of Chengdu is the home to many Hakka immigrants from Canton.
  •  Bifengxia Panda Reserve
    With the impressive natural surroundings,it is One of China’s major panda breeding and research centres.
  •  Hailuogou Glacier Park
    Featuring ancient glaciers, snow tipped mountains and hot springs.
  •  Huanglongxi Old Town
    a good place for relaxation in south suburb of Chengdu
  •  Jiayang Mini Steamed Train
    Originally used for the coal mine transportation, is now a scenic way to view the surrounding canola fields.
  •  Leshan Giant Buddha
    The largest ancient Buddha in the world.
  •  Luocheng Ancient Town
    Ancient town, shaped as a ship if viewed from above.
  •  Mount Emei
    A sacred Buddhist mountain well known for its natural beauty and lovely monkeys
  •  Shangli Ancient Town
    An important trading outpost on the Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan, as well as the southern Silk Road, now, it still remains its original and natural style.
  •  Southern Sichuan Bamboo Forest
    Many varieties of bamboo creating a sea of green
  •  Southern Sichuan Bamboo Sea
    Many varieties of bamboo creating a sea of green
  •  Xingwen Stone Forest
    Uniquely shaped stone formations created by wind and rain erosion,and an abundance of marine fossils are found here.
  •  Yingjing
    A town famous for its Chinese casseroles
  •  Dujiangyan Ancient Irrigation
    A 2000 year old irrigation system, currently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and still utilised within the Chengdu Plain.
  •  Mount Qingcheng
    A UNESCO World Heritage site generally considered to be the origin of Chinese Taoism.
  •  Chengdu Panda Center
    The most popular tourist destination in this city where you can gain a better understanding of pandas’ daily life.
  •  Cuiyun Corridor
    Originally planted by the famous General Zhangfei 1700 years ago, the lush cypress trees now stretch several miles long.
  •  Jianmen Pass
    Built on a cliff,considered to be the most magnificent pass in China.
  •  Sanxingdui Museum
    Exhibiting numerous artifacts from the Bronze Age.
  •  Dufu Thatched Cottage
    The home of the famous poet, Du Fu who lived 1400 years ago.
  •  Jinli Street
    A famous downtown tourist street.
  •  Jinsha Museum
    Unearthed in 2001, it contains numerous pieces of ivory, jade and metal articles and unveils the mythic pre-historical Kingdom.
  •  Kuan and Zhai Alleys
    A traditional downtown street recognised for its decorated courtyards.
  •  Viewing River Pavilion Park
    Built in honour of the ancient female poet, Xue Tao.
  •  Wuhou Shrine
    Built in honour of the ancient wise Prime Minister Zhuge Liang.
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